Tips to keep your cotton clothes from fading

With temperatures soaring these summers, it is time to ditch those synthetic materials and go for easy, fun and breezy cottons. Cotton clothes are 100% organic and reduce the chances of prickly-heat and other summer-induced skin infections. Cottons are very breathable...

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Tips to keep in mind when washing silk

Tips to keep in mind when washing silk Think twice before you clean that soiled portion on your silk top Dropped some veggies on your silk saree at a party?… Don’t risk cleaning that soiled spot unless you know the right technique that’ll not ruin the fabric. Silk is...

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How to Hand Wash Clothes Properly

The care labels for some delicate items often advise that they should be hand washed only – and this is true for knitted items, such as jumpers or fleeces. At the same time though, most washing machines also have a Hand Wash setting. So, is it safe to put your...

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